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The Total Package

Startup Hiring Simplified

Pivot + Edge is on a mission to disrupt the outdated recruitment industry and make your startup hiring strategy smart, simple and scalable.

We will:

Act as a complete fractional hiring team

Recruiting isn’t just about filling the role — it’s about finding the best person for the job and your team.

Our team of hiring experts will come in and be your fully functioning talent acquisition engine. We will connect directly with the hiring managers, review incoming resumes, conduct preliminary interviews, and complete the necessary references to ensure you’re hiring the best possible person for the role and your team.

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Build your employer branding

Employer branding is the process of promoting your company, as the employer of choice, to an ideal pool of qualified candidates. The process supports your company’s ability to attract, recruit and retain people that will thrive within your culture and support your business goals.

Our team will develop your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to outline attributes and communication themes that are attractive, credible, and sustainable. Using your completed EVP we will cultivate your company values, brand pillars and brand message and implement your new messaging through talent facing channels.

Kick start your recruitment marketing

Grow Your Talent Network

It is easier to find your golden goose from a pool of qualified, vetted and interested candidates than to start from scratch every time you need to fill a position. Your talent network will help with this. We work to curate a pool of invested candidates and build a database for you to regularly communicate directly with them. We will set you up with the tools you need to keep candidates interested in your company and eager to work for you.

Build Your Employee Insider Program

According to the latest Gallup report, only 36% of Employees Are Engaged in the Workplace! Engaging your employees even before they officially start with your company is an important step to ensure lower employee turnover rates, happier employees and more productive employees. We will build your Employee Insider Program — insider newsletters, social campaigns, and content calendars to ensure your employees remain engaged and invested in your company.

Coach you through the process

We live by the ‘teach a person to fish’ philosophy. Our team will work with your company to set up your recruitment strategy to be simple, smart and scalable so you can grow as you need in the future and be ready to do so. We will work directly with your hiring managers on interview training and practice, how and when to update your employer branding and maintain your ever-growing talent network and employee insider program.

Set you up for future recruitment success

Everything Pivot + Edge will assist with is aimed to be simple, smart and scalable for future hiring success. We will amplify your employer brand so your startup generates a talent pool of great, vetted candidates, well past your graduation date.

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