We help organizations attract and hire awesome people for a fraction of the cost of recruiting agencies.​ 

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Ottawa, ON  K2V 1A8


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Attract better. Hire better.

We help organizations attract and hire awesome people for a fraction of the cost of recruiting agencies.

The numbers don't lie.

13 hires in 6 months, $128,600 in cost savings. 

20 hires in 5 months, $232,000 in cost savings. 

10 hires in 4 months, $122,400 in cost savings. 

9 hires in 6 months, $82,800 in cost savings. 

Here's how we make the magic happen...

"Unlike recruiting agencies that just pitch resumes over the fence and chase a fee, we provide our clients with access to an advanced fractional hiring team, potent recruiting and marketing technology, and build our clients' internal capability so they can hire great people on their own."

John Fleischauer - Chief Talent Officer

Meet your fractional Director of Talent Acquisition.

Meet your Hiring and Branding Specialists.

Launch your recruiting and marketing technology.

Capture your organization's story.

Drive your recruitment marketing strategy.

Build your reputation as a great place to work.

Solving your urgent hiring challenges while setting you up for continuous hiring success.

“The challenges associated with hiring great people used to keep me up at night. Since partnering with Pivot + Edge, I don’t worry anymore. Pivot + Edge’s business model is refreshingly innovative and simple and their secret sauce has allowed us to scale the team and hire amazing people at wrnch.”

Dr. Paul Kruszewski, CEO - wrnch

“Pivot + Edge took on our whole recruiting program.  They act as my hiring department so I can focus on interviews and building the team. I get so much more from Pivot + Edge than I’ve ever had with other recruiters. They’ve helped us hire some really amazing talent.”

Mike Bessuille, Director, Product Development - Leonovus

“With my partnership with Pivot + Edge, I feel more ahead than my peers and confident that we are attracting better candidates while giving them a consistent, brilliant candidate experience.”

Wes Burke, Vice President, People & Culture - Alchemy

“As a new company and brand to the Ottawa area and North American market, it was important that we build our capability to attract, engage and hire great people locally. We originally hired head-hunters for our immediate needs, but quickly decided to partner with Pivot + Edge who helped us build our internal expertise and recruiting IQ.”

Sebastien Dignard, President, North America - Framos

“As a small, but rapidly growing company, we needed to find great talent who believe in our business and want to be part of something special. By partnering with Pivot + Edge we are able to leverage their employer branding, job marketing, and recruitment services to hire great people.”

Andrew Bailes, CFO - File Facets

Hiring doesn't have to be so hard.


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