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What We Do

We help Seed and Series-A companies attract, engage, and hire the right people to grow their startup. If you’re struggling to hire, then you’re in the right place.


In the last year we’ve helped save our clients over $800,000 in recruitment costs. Stop spending 15-30% of annual base salaries on traditional recruitment agencies—our fixed pricing won’t leave you guessing when it comes to budget and allows your startup to hire for a fraction of the cost while simplifying the hiring process and improving employee retention.


We’ve helped startups hire 100s of people and scale using our proven, Inside-Out strategy — a fractional hiring team and trusted recruiting infrastructure that sets your company up for hiring success. Our team acts as a fully functioning talent acquisition engine that feels very much “in-house” so you can get back to doing everything else your growing startup needs.


We live by the ‘teach a person to fish’ philosophy. We will amplify your employer brand so your startup generates a talent pool of great, vetted candidates well past your graduation date with us. We provide your team with the recruiting infrastructure — people, process and technology — as well as the training needed to own your strategy down the road.

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