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Two Founders start a traditional recruitment company


Our Founders realize that traditional recruitment methods aren’t the most effective way for startups to grow with the right people and Pivot + Edge is born.


Pivot + Edge gains a new partner – Enter John Fleischauer (bigtalljohn)


COVID hits and the working world is changed forever. We adapt to the changing landscape, go fully remote and begin the newest chapter in our history.


Pivot + Edge sees massive growth and doubles the team.

The future: The team at Pivot + Edge changes startup hiring forever and the recruitment industry is never the same.


It’s a story for the ages. Two Founders with traditional recruitment backgrounds start a company using traditional headhunting techniques to fill mid-level manager and hard-to-find roles. After using traditional recruitment methods but finding more success using elevated job postings the founders began to question everything they thought they knew about recruitment.

Enter John Fleischauer (bigtalljohn), Chief Hiring Officer at Pivot + Edge — an expert in the fields of recruitment, employer branding and LinkedIn (if you’re not following him, you’re missing out BIG TIME) — with the goal to disrupt the recruitment industry and turn it on its head.

The team at Pivot + Edge went back to the drawing board and started to look at recruiting in a whole new light.

If you told a yellow cab company in New York City a decade ago that a small startup would come along and provide a better service more efficiently and for a fraction of the cost, they probably would have called you crazy — Uber did just that.

Just as Uber once did, Pivot + Edge’s trailblazing recruitment model is disrupting the industry — an industry that is decades behind in our opinion —and making hiring for startups smart, simple and scalable. At first, we were questioned by C-levels—but they quickly changed their tune and started to ask why they ever hired any other way.

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind Pivot + Edge

John Fleischauer

John Fleischauer

The OG Trailblazer

President + Chief Hiring Officer

Based out of Ottawa, ON

John Fleischauer–or as he’s better known–bigtalljohn–is a bit of a recruiting enigma. After studying Biomedical Toxicology at the University of Guelph, John started his career in the recruiting industry in 2004. After working in the agency space for eight years, John transitioned to corporate and lead Halogen Software’s Global Talent Acquisition function, where he helped the business scale from 170 employees pre-IPO to 530 employees (worldwide) as a publicly traded-organization in 3 years. After being acquired by Saba Software, he then transitioned to lead Saba Software’s Global Talent Acquisition function where he was able to stand up a predictable hiring engine that allowed the business to hire for 70 open positions in his final 60 days with the company.

Now as President of Pivot + Edge, John is on a mission to help small businesses out-compete big corporate conglomerates in the war for talent. He is an author, a TEDx speaker, a two-time DisruptHR speaker and you can find him adding to the conversation on LinkedIn @bigtalljohn.

Rebecca Hawman

Ridge Runner

Director of Marketing & Operations

Based out of Niagara, ON

Working with Pivot + Edge is always exciting! We get to work with incredible startups changing the landscape of their fields. Our team is passionate, driven and fun… sounds like a cliché but this team truly is a great group of people!

Taryn Ross

Taryn Ross

Ridge Runner

Talent Acquisition Program Manager

Based out of Ottawa, ON

What I love most about P+E apart from working with my amazing team, would be the ability to fill talent gaps effectively while upholding valuable relationships with both our clients and candidates.

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