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The Ultimate Guide for Startup Employer Branding

Startups face unique challenges when trying to build their brand, scale up and recruit. The Pivot + Edge team has built an ultimate guide to help your startup create and develop a strong employer brand and more effectively hire the right people.

eBook Takeaways

  • How to Build a Strong Employer Brand
  • Create, Develop and Implement a Strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  • How to Leverage Your Employees to Strengthen Your Recruitment
  • A New Hiring Action Plan
The Ultimate Guide: STARTUP Employer Branding

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Resumes Are Bad For Business

John Fleischauer | TEDxKanata

A resume is simply a piece of paper. A piece of paper that attempts to capture the essence of a person, in just a few pages. How can we approach this differently….how can we recruit people, not through pieces of paper, but learning who they actually are.

Why The World Needs Fewer Recruiters

John Fleischauer | DisruptHR

Society is changing quickly and the era of instant gratification is here. Human Resources and recruitment in general need to continue to evolve and keep up. Build a strong employer brand to strengthen your recruitment process and find the best talent for your company.

Bigfoot, The Lock Ness Monster, And Your Organization’s Values

John Fleischauer | DisruptHR

Organizations don’t have values. People do. Potential employees judge your company based on your company culture and organizational values before they even apply. Are you sharing and promoting the right values to attract the right talent?

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