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What is Employer Branding? And Why Should Startups Care?

What is employer branding?🧐 An employer brand is something often overlooked, when really, it should be much higher on the priority list. So, what is it? Simply put, it’s how your company is viewed as an employer. It’s what comes to mind when individuals, specifically job seekers and current employees, hear your company name. Are …

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diversity + inclusion

How to Build an Inclusive Startup: Learn from These 4 Companies

Companies need to prioritize DEI – it’s as simple as that. But, it’s more than just hiring diverse talent and calling it a day. It is the environment that the company creates and fosters that molds an employee’s experience and determines their success.   Let’s look at some numbers:  According to a survey conducted by …

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Hiring for Diversity in 2022 and Beyond

Making diversity and inclusion a priority for your company is not only the right thing to do but can also help your company and team grow in exciting ways. Building your brand while keeping diversity in mind can help attract potential candidates who will bring a wide variety of talent and ideas to your team.

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