Great hiring is a marketing process

When it comes to hiring, the talent you need is scarce, they are in control, and they are looking for meaning in their work more than ever before.

You can’t rely on headhunting anymore. You need to attract and engage real people using great storytelling and modern recruitment marketing. Big companies have understood this for years, and now startups need to follow their lead.

Now there's a way: The Inside Out hiring system.

The Pivot + Edge Inside Out hiring system combines the best aspects of employer branding, recruitment marketing, and hiring best practices into a system that is practical for startups. It’s the secret to how we can help you attract and engage the best talent – even without a big budget and unlimited resources.

Inside Out hiring starts on the inside. We partner with you and your team to uncover the storylines of your company, built around your culture, your purpose, and your vision. These stories are the key to building a brand that attracts more people like your best people.

Then we optimize your hiring process. A great candidate experience from application through to hire is critical to keep the best people in the process. We help you deploy advanced HR tech, train your team on hiring best practices, and provide coaching and coordination support to keep candidates engaged from beginning to end.

Now it’s time to use your stories to attract and engage great talent. We execute digital marketing strategies tailored to recruitment that ensure you reach the people you need. With the candidate journey in mind, we drive awareness of your company, build trust with interested talent, and generate informed applicants.

Inside Out hiring – a world-class recruitment system for busy startups.

Some of the benefits of Inside Out hiring

Do you feel like a best-kept secret? We can help you define who your ideal candidate is, and what you have to offer them as an employer. We can then help you reach them with stories that connect them to your culture.

Are you not getting enough qualified applicants? We can help you find ways to engage the right people whether they are ready to apply or not. We build a strategy to help them learn about your team, follow your progress, and build a connection with your company. Then, when the right job comes along they’ll be the first in line.

Is it taking too long to fill open jobs? Are you losing the best candidates to other opportunities? We can help you tighten up the way your hiring team defines jobs and evaluates candidates. That way, you can hire faster and provide a great candidate experience. We can also provide you with recruiting technology and support to take the administrative load off of you and your team.

Are you not getting enough employee referrals? We can help you go beyond a traditional employee referral program and develop a team of active influencers. We can help you engage them in sharing opportunities and stories with their networks, and even mobilize them to create some of your best content.

Some of our work

Our clients are some of the smartest teams you will ever meet. Many are venture-backed startups that are growing fast. Together, we build recruitment programs from scratch and we help run them. We work with bigger companies too. While their challenges are different, every company wants to attract and engage the right people to grow their team.


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