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Startup Hiring - The Total Package

Perfect for the startup looking to grow your team cost-effectively, graduating with a scalable solution for future recruitment and increased employee retention. We will craft your employer brand; help you hire and grow your team immediately with more people like your best people.

Grow your team

We will:

  • Act as a complete fractional hiring team
  • Build your employer branding
  • Kick start your recruitment marketing
  • P+E Hiring Manager Training
  • Set you up for future recruitment success
  • Oh, did we mention — we will help you hire, and hire some more?

Brand help

Startup Employer Branding

Perfect for the established startup looking to update or build upon your employer branding to reflect your market success and growth.

We will:

  • Develop your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Construct a full employer branding package
  • Create the ideal careers page
  • Craft branded job descriptions

Grow right away

Startup Recruitment Marketing

Perfect for the startup who needs to hire great people at volume, but doesn’t have access to a pool of highly qualified candidates.

We will:

  • Build your fan base of qualified candidates
  • Grow your talent network
  • Build an internal Employee Insider Program

Fill a single position

Single Searches

Perfect for the startup who is looking to fill a single position at your company for a reasonable flat fee. Our team will find the right candidate for your team.

We will:

  • Act as a complete fractional hiring team
  • P+E Hiring Manager Training
  • Find the best candidate for the job

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