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At Our Core

As trailblazers, we don’t mind—actually, we prefer—to be the first ones to try something new and show others that it is possible. We know that every individual is integral to our success and feed off the energy in the (Zoom) room.

While we may get off topic telling ridiculous stories (especially on Fridays), our team is passionately committed to outcomes as we forge the way for the future of recruitment.

Let's Get to Know
Each Other

As you scroll, get to know the Pivot + Edge team through what we’re jamming out to in our home offices across Canada.

John Fleischauer speaking on stage

The people who do well here are those who take ownership of what they are doing, take ownership of their personal and professional development, take ownership of their mistakes — because we are all going to make them — and people who really, really want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

John Fleischauer, Chief Hiring Officer

If you told a yellow cab company in New York City a decade ago that a small startup would come along and provide a better service more efficiently and for a fraction of the cost, they probably would have called you crazy.

Just as the concept of Uber once was, Pivot + Edge’s fresh hiring model is first questioned by C-levels—but they quickly changed their tune to asking how they ever used anything else.

Just as the taxi industry was due for an overhaul, we believe the recruitment industry is decades behind and pride ourselves on being trailblazers in disrupting the broken system of selling people.

Rather than relying on outdated strategies such as headhunting, our team helps companies hire for a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment companies by utilizing our unique Inside-Out — a fractional hiring team and trusted recruiting infrastructure strategy — conscious employer branding and our proprietary software, beap™.

Our daily push for innovation comes from knowing that Pivot + Edge is the next big thing in the recruitment industry and can be the make-or-break factor for other industries’ next big things. So go ahead, call us crazy or join us to learn why our new way of hiring is destined to become the norm.

Who We Are


You can map out a great plan but when an unexpected road block comes in your way, you embrace the adventure.

Rather than waiting for someone to ask, you jump on the opportunity to take ownership and make great things happen.


Each time we accomplish something new, we not only celebrate the win, but we gain conviction in our mission and ability.

We are driven individuals but understand we are nothing without our team, which means leaving egos at the door to charge forward with the best ideas no matter their origin.


You are driven by the constant desire to learn and grow. We are excited by the infinite learning possibilities and the path to discovery.

With a commitment to not be where you are today by this time tomorrow, you champion your development with autonomy and resourcefulness.


  • Home Office Credit

    Do your best work in a comfortable space with our quarterly home office stipend.
  • Personal Development and Learning Opportunities

    Own your professional development with the support and resources you need.
  • Work From Anywhere

    Work from the cottage or wherever you’d like as long as you have access to good internet.
  • Healthcare

    All the usual coverage that you’d expect for prescriptions, dental, massages, etc.

Virtual Team

We work remotely together across Canada. As a remote first team, we encourage our team to create the best atmosphere for their best work with flexible hours and a home office budget.

Taryn's desk

Open Positions

We are always looking for the right people to join our team. Not seeing something that suits your skills but know you are mean’t for Pivot + Edge? Email john(dot)fleischauer(at)

What We Believe

Pivot + Edge is an equal opportunity employer—this isn’t just a formality, but an integral part of our company’s DNA. We celebrate our differences, our diverse background and unique thoughts. This is the place where talented people do their best work because of their differences, not in spite of them.

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