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Hiring in 2024: Your Ultimate Guide for Implementing a Successful Recruiting Strategy in 2024

Now more than ever before, effective and efficient hiring is more critical. That’s where the dynamic partnership between Pivot + Edge and Oomple comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution to modern hiring challenges.

In this free ebook, we’ll dive into how you can create, implement, and grow from a smart hiring strategy. You’ll gain valuable insights to navigate the evolving hiring landscape of 2024 with confidence.

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Hiring Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Hiring Great People for Your Startup

Volume two of our Startup Series is here! In this comprehensive guide for Hiring Great People for Your Startup, we share how to action your employer brand into every aspect of your recruiting process. From job postings to onboarding and responding to Glassdoor reviews, your startup’s employer brand needs to remain consistent for the best ROI.

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The Ultimate Guide for Startup Employer Branding

The Ultimate Guide for Startup Employer Branding

Startups face unique challenges when trying to build their brand, scale up and recruit. The Pivot + Edge team has built an ultimate guide to help your startup create and develop a strong employer brand and more effectively hire the right people.

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Not finding the right people to join your startup?

John Fleischauer, Chief Talent Officer of Pivot + Edge discusses ways to implement and action a strong employer brand to successfully find, attract, interview, onboard and retain top talent for your startup.

After watching this webinar you will have a full understanding of how to action your employer brand into every aspect of your recruitment process. Plus you’ll have a realistic and actionable strategy that can be implemented in your company hiring process today, for smarter hiring tomorrow.

Employer Branding

The Ultimate Guide To Startup Employer Branding

Are you struggling to scale your startup with the right people?

If you missed the Pivot + Edge Ultimate Guide for Startup Employer Branding webinar with John Fleischauer, sign up below and we will send you the full recording. Use hashtag #hiringsimplied on LinkedIn and Instagram to join in on the ongoing conversation.

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