We help organizations attract and hire awesome people for a fraction of the cost of recruiting agencies.​ 

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Ottawa, ON  K2V 1A8


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We become your Recruitment Team.

Here's how it works:

Imagine a recruiting partner that not only helps you find great people but actually helps you become better at attracting them to your organization over the long term. 

Pivot + Edge provides a unique managed-service model that our clients see as a partnership. Put simply, we become part of your team and we handle hiring for your company. It’s like showing up one morning to find you have a new department hard at work.


We engineer and run an efficient hiring process.

From our first day, a Pivot + Edge Hiring Specialist will help your managers screen and coordinate candidates and fill the open jobs you have underway.


Then they will coordinate the hiring cycle for all new jobs by working closely with your managers from job definition to onboarding. We will then get to work on re-engineering your hiring process, training your team, and laying the foundation for building your reputation.


We build your reputation as a great place to work.

More than ever, people are looking for meaning
in their work and a place where they feel they belong. Having a consistent message that reflects your identity is necessary and having a great reputation is even better.

A Pivot + Edge Branding Specialist will work with you to formally capture your distinct value proposition as an employer. This is the story we will tell on your career page, in online company profiles, and throughout all hiring communications.

Then we will feature your employees in social media through stories, images, videos, and live events to open a window to your company culture that will capture the interest of the right talent.

We will also monitor employee reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor, as well as mentions in social media, in order to engage in the critical conversations that build your reputation.

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