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5 Holiday Party Ideas for a Virtual or Not-So Virtual Team

Celebrating the holiday season is important for your team and fostering a positive workplace culture, even if you’re remote.

Our team has been through a big shuffle this year with a lot of changes that have kept us on our toes. We have gone fully remote with team members located across Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta. We have seen the most growth in our company’s history and have hired over 40 fantastic people to build incredible teams for over 20 clients. 

As companies get back into the swing of things, it’s hard to believe we are already looking at the holiday season! Many offices have decided to permanently go fully remote or work in a hybrid workplace. With the change in workplace structure, the traditional office holiday party is likely never to fully return. However, it is important to get together in some way.  

Here are 5 simple ideas for your annual holiday party for your virtual or not so virtual team!  

1. Cooking Class or Mixology Class

Is your team an adventurous group? Mix it up (pardon the pun) and get the team together (virtually or not) for a cooking class or mixology class. There are several providers including Bar Chef Events or Jam Group Events that can have your team making a wonderful dinner or a custom cocktail unique to your company!  

2. Holiday Gift Baskets

With everyone living further apart these days, a small token of appreciation and company swag can unite a team. If you’re working in a hybrid workplace, it is easy to have a holiday gift basket ready for everyone’s arrival on the last day in the office before your holiday break. For a fully remote team, put together some gift baskets with goodies and deliver them to everyone’s doorstep. This is a great opportunity to convey to everyone how important they are to the team. 

3. Gingerbread house decorating contest

Send everyone on your team the same gingerbread house decorating kit to work off of and let the creativity fly! Make sure to give your team at least a week to prepare their creation and have it ready for the delivery day. Encourage a theme or a spending limit to ensure the playing field is even. For a fully remote team, have everyone send in a photo to your host and have people vote/guess on whose gingerbread belongs to whom. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to encourage participation with a little prize for the winner.

4. Trivia

Using an online quiz creator can be a great way to get the team to participate in a group activity and foster a little competition! We encourage you to add a little flair with prizes for your top three competitors. This is a great option if you’re working in a hybrid office where some of your employees may not be able to join in person!  

5. Team lunch

A delicious lunch is one of the more popular options. It is also a simple way for the team to celebrate the holiday season. If your team is back in the office, make a reservation at a local restaurant and start your holiday break early. 

Working remotely? Send everyone a budget and have them buy their favourite lunch for delivery! Get together on Zoom and enjoy your meal. Let it spark conversation, reminisce on this crazy year you’ve had and feel like a team again! 

Pro tip: We recommend making this day a half-day, so everyone can enjoy their lunch and have a little bonus break to start the holiday season.

It is easy to let the weeks get away from you and not plan anything for your team. Don’t miss this great opportunity to bring your team together after another interesting year. Celebrate your victories. Plan your next steps, and reunite as a team going into 2022. Consider one idea we have suggested or get your creative heads together and come up with something unique. Make sure that 2021 is remembered for all the right reasons. 

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday!

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