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Here are 4 awesome platforms to find startup jobs

You want to work at a company that's doing something cool and important, but it can't just be any cool and important thing.It has to be something that makes you get up in the morning excited about what you'll do all day. But how do you find those jobs? Well, we've rounded up four great websites that will help you find your next gig.

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Looking for a job? Here are 2022's Best Startups for Diversity + Flexibility

More than 3 out of 4 job seekers look for a diverse workforce when evaluating potential employers – and if you're reading this, you're probably one of them! Luckily, many companies – especially startups – are stepping up with some awesome DEI efforts to attract top talent like yourself. Keep reading for a few organizations that are leading the way when it comes to diversity!

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Job seekers, here are 4 culture red flags you need to look out for

So, you’re looking for a new role. No matter your reasons for seeking new employment, you’re likely looking for more than just a job you’ll be able to tolerate. These days, many candidates are searching for companies with inclusive cultures that align with their personal values – so here are 4 culture red flags to watch out for during your job search!

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Common Interview Questions + Answers: How do you deal with conflict at work?

Conflict is a scary concept for a lot of people. It's not fun to deal with or to talk about, but unfortunately it's inevitable. In fact, 85% of employees experience some kind of conflict at work – so it's common for interviewers to ask candidates about their methods for dealing with tense situations. Keep reading for potential answers to the common interview question, "How do you deal with conflict at work?"

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Common Interview Questions + Answers: What's your ideal salary range?

If money isn't a dirty word, why is it so hard to talk about?! Many candidates find that compensation is one of the toughest interview topics to tackle. In fact, a 2020 study found that only 36% of Canadian professionals tried to negotiate a higher salary with their last job offer... so let's dive into some ways to answer the common interview question, "What's your ideal salary range?"

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interview greatest weakness question answer

Common Interview Questions + Answers: What's your greatest weakness?

It's one of the hardest and most annoying interview questions out there: what's your greatest weakness? You may be wondering why this is relevant or if it's a trap – but when interviewers ask this, they’re trying to figure out if you have a healthy level of self-awareness and how you’ve achieved personal growth. Nobody is perfect, but your ability to work on those imperfections says A LOT about you!

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Skills Assessments Impact Your Application

If you have a job interview, make sure you ask yourself this question before moving forward.  If you’ve already aced the other parts of what can often be an extensive application, not preparing for the skills assessment test is akin to fumbling the football at the 10-yard line – don’t miss that touchdown!     What …

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“Every startup is unique, but there’s one common thread between them all: the learning and professional growth opportunities for those that join are endless!”

John Fleischauer, Chief Talent Officer at Pivot + Edge

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