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Common Interview Questions + Answers: What do you know about the company?

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Have you ever been asked about a company’s background in an interview, only to draw a blank? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Job interview statistics show that nearly 50% of applicants have failed an interview because of a lack of knowledge about the company.

It happens to the best of us, but luckily a few minutes of research can prevent you from freezing up in the future. Here are some sample answers to keep in mind the next time you’re asked “What do you know about us?”

DON’T SAY: “I haven’t had time to check out the company yet…”⏳

Life is busy, but it only takes a few minutes to scroll through a company’s website or social channels and take some notes on what caught your eye. Not sure where to start? Try their ‘About Us’, ‘Mission’, and ‘Team’ pages, or just Google their name to read recent articles or related posts. Their LinkedIn Company Profile can also give you a sense of culture and lead you to profiles of employees you may be able to connect with!

Why Did You Choose Our Company Because You Are Recruiting Meme
Fight the urge to state the obvious!😂

DO SAY: “Your team value of [insert value here] really resonates with me.”💖

91% of managers in the U.S. say a candidate’s alignment with the company culture is equal to or more important than skills and experience – so even if you’re not feeling 100% confident in your skills, you could stand out just by showing enthusiasm for team values!

Put some effort into finding out which characteristics describe the company best, then think about which resonate most with you (example: resourcefulness). Finally, come up with some examples to share how that trait applies to you (tell a work story where you were resourceful).

DON’T SAY: “I know you sell runners and your motto is Just Do It.”🤨

Although this is better than saying nothing, spouting off obvious facts about the company (like products they sell and their motto) isn’t going to get you far. You probably wouldn’t interview at Starbucks and say “I know you sell coffee,” right? So dig a little deeper.

Remember, this question is really just another way for the interviewer to ask why you want to work for them. The key to giving a good answer is connecting the company info with your insight. Don’t just describe their product/service; explain how it had an impact on you, how it meets the needs of their target market, and how the company could capitalize on future opportunities with it. A little extra thought goes a long way for this interview question!

@pivotandedge it only takes a few minutes to learn 2-3 company facts! pre interview prep definitely pays off😎 #truthsfromarecruiter #howtoanswerinterviewquestions #howtogetthejob ♬ Believe Me – Navos

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DO SAY: “I read an article that said you won Z award – that’s very impressive! Can you tell me more about that?”🧐

A good way to show genuine interest in the company you’re applying for is by asking questions. Just like any conversation, it’s key to have a good back and forth. It’s also a way to show you did your research without feeling like you have to memorize and list off a bunch of facts. Plus, by mentioning a recent accomplishment or award the company has won, you’ll demonstrate that you’re A) keeping tabs on their activity and B) impressed by what they’ve achieved. Go ahead, butter them up a little!

We hope these tips have helped set you on the right track. We promise that you’ll never regret doing a little research – with 5 minutes, 2-3 company facts, and a few personal anecdotes in your back pocket, you’re bound to ace your interview.

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