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Looking for a job? Here are 2022’s Best Startups for Diversity + Flexibility

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If the Great Resignation has taught us anything, it’s that company culture really matters. More than 3 out of 4 job seekers look for a diverse workforce when evaluating potential employers – and if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them!

If you’re in the market for a new role, you have more opportunity than ever before to find the right company for you. After all, a lot goes into a productive and supportive work environment – factors like inclusivity, meaningful missions, development opportunities and flexibility are all things to consider before signing the offer letter.

Luckily, many companies – especially startups – are stepping up with some awesome DEI efforts to attract top talent like yourself. Keep reading for a few organizations that are leading the way when it comes to diversity!


Knockri is a Toronto-based startup that offers an AI skills-based assessment tool for more inclusive hiring. Using an algorithm, their software analyzes transcripts of interviewee responses only  – taking race, gender, age, ethnicity, accent, appearance, and sexual preference out of the picture.

Instead, the tool places an emphasis on soft skills. The behavioural content of each interviewee’s transcript is used to predict performance, which has led to 17% more candidates of colour and 6% more women hired on average. It’s a cool science-based approach – so if you’ve been disappointed by bias in your previous interviews, keep an eye on Knockri and their clients for upcoming job openings. (Or if you’re a hiring manager, give their software a shot and get rid of prejudice once and for all!)


If you’re looking for flexibility and diversity with an added bonus of saving the planet, you should definitely apply to FigBytes! This Ottawa-based startup offers the first ESG insight platform to help organizations across the globe meet their sustainability goals. But the team doesn’t just make the world a greener place – they also bond over fun DEI initiatives.

The “Figgies” squad is remote-first and results-based, which means the emphasis is on outcomes instead of hours. This flexibility has attracted an incredibly diverse team, and with it the opportunity to celebrate different cultural milestones that are happening around the world. On top of this, FigBytes hosts frequent Lunch and Learns on DEI topics (and more), and promotes employee committees plus volunteer days to cultivate change and cohesion within the business and beyond.

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Detroit-based ToDoolie thinks that too many career opportunities are gatekept by money and connections. To solve this issue, they’ve created an online marketplace that provides flexible and well-paying work to anyone, regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic status.

However, besides building the largest professional development pipeline in the US, ToDoolie also works hard to foster DEI within their own organization. They’ve set a standard with their culturally diverse leadership team, and they’re dedicated to hiring people outside of the standard tech profile. If you’re looking for a purpose-driven mission and an autonomous and remote work environment, keep tabs on ToDoolie’s jobs page and make sure to jump on their next open position!

Fable Tech Labs

There are over one billion people living with disabilities in the world, and it is incredibly frustrating to deal with inaccessible programs and hiring strategies. Thankfully, Toronto-based Fable Tech Labs is helping to change that.

This innovative company makes products and recruitment more accessible by connecting their community of testers with disabilities to digital teams who need their input. Companies can also recruit out of Fable to provide flexible employment and assistive technology (like screen readers and magnification) for an empowered and diverse team – so we strongly recommend taking a look if you’re on the hunt for a new role, or trying them out if you’re part of a People Team!

We love that these startups are making DEI a priority! They’re all awesome options if you’re in the market for new work, so once you apply, check out our interview guides to help you prep for their hiring process. And as always, our Pivot + Edge Talent Network is a great resource for more top career insights, hiring tips and all the latest news from our team.

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