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Questions to ask when hiring

Hiring For Your Startup? The 4 Questions You Need to Ask First

Ensure your startup is ready to hire by asking these four questions and hire the right person for the right role to solve the right problem.

Should Job Seekers Be Compensated?

Compensating candidates during the hiring process can ensure your new team member is a good fit for the role and your company.

How to Find the Right Candidates for Your Startup

Hire the right people for your startup. These four key elements will help your team ensure the candidate's values, skills and behaviours align with your company.

4 Startup Career Page Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Get ahead of these 4 common startup career page mistakes to jump-start your recruitment strategy and build your startup with the right people.

8 Candidate Sourcing Strategies That Will Grow Your Startup

Learn to effectively source the right candidates for your startup and make your recruitment process easier. Leverage your current employees, re-engage past candidates and make it easy for job-seekers to apply to your positions.

How to Attract the Right Talent to Your Startup

There are 5 things you need to nail down when building a winning hiring strategy: career page, employer value proposition, targeted personas, social media and actionable goals. Reduce turnover and start focusing your energy on growing your startup.


How to Hire Software Developers for Your Startup

Hiring a software developer at a startup really has two phases and comes down a few key best practices. Here’s exactly how you can grow your Seed and Series A company with talented software engineers. 

Diversity and Inclusion Leads to Better Hiring Results

Diversity and inclusion should be at the forefront of your employer brand and your recruitment strategy. We discuss this with Diversio CEO Laura McGee on how to promote equality in promotion and advancement to get better talent, higher profits and a more attractive brand.

How Good Employer Value Propositions Attract Applicants

Once you've built your Employer Brand, developed your Employer Value Proposition and implemented your new recruitment strategy it's time to start hiring the most qualified candidates and continue to build your talent pool.

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